Announcing the 972Q4/ AN/ARM-186
VOR/ILS/MB Ramp Test Set
and Replacement Parts
VOR/ILS/MB Ramp Test Set (CPN 622-2211-002)
Sold in overhaul condition with fresh batteries and charger.
(Limited supply-subject to prior sale.)
ASI-2635-010 NiCad Battery Charger (CPN 270-2635-010)*
ASI-2635-010 is designed to charge replacement NiCad
batterias (CPN 221-2171-010) only. Will not charge original Gel/Cell Batterias (629-0999-001).
ASI-2171-010 NiCad Battery (CPN 221-2171-010)*
Batteries require use of ASI-2635-010 Battery Charger.
Failure to use proper battery charger may result indamage to batteries. (Must be purchased in pairs.)
ASI-1569-010 Antenna (CPN 013-1569-010)* $160.00
  *Equivalent CPN shown for reference only.  

Obsolete Gel/Cell Lead-Acid Batteries (CPN 629-0999-001) replaced with NiCad Batteries (CPN 221-2171-010)
per Collins 972Q-4, SIL 1-99.

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