Repair, Modification, and Overhaul capabilities on over 10,000 items

Radio Class 1,2,3

Instrument Class 1,2,3,4

Aircraft wire harness testing, reconditioning, repair and overhaul

  Douglas Aircraft Model DC-10 Wire Harness Assemblies:
CF6-6 Engine Core (ASP0002-( )
CF6-6 Engine Fan ASP0003-( )
CF6-50 Engine Core ASP0501-( )
CF6-50 Engine Fan ASP0502-( )
Anti-Skid AEP9301-( )
Cargo Door AGP9114-( )
Nose Gear ACP-9401-( )

CF6- 6/50 ENG GEN ASP0001-( )

Boeing Aircraft Model B-727 Wire Harness Assemblies:
APU B27-49-001-( )
JT-8 Engine Core B27-71-002-( )
JT-8 Thrust Reverser B27-78-001-( )

Calibration and Repair of most brands of Test Equipment

Manufacturing capabilities on a wide variety of Avionics Test Equipment

Calibration capabilities on over 1500 items

Prime manufacturer of test equipment for Rockwell Collins

Custom design, engineering and manufacturing to customer specifications

Manufacturing capabilities on over 1900 different types of Test Equipment

International shipping available

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