Roger P. Dahler

President & CEO

Roger P. Dahler

Roger Dahler began his career in aviation at the young age of 15. During the summer of 1972 his father, LeRoy Dahler, put him to work manufacturing and repairing aircraft harnesses for Memphis Aero which was based at Memphis International Airport. He loved working in the hanger around the many aircraft that came and went. 

The next year LeRoy founded Avionics Specialist, Inc. (ASI) at an off airport location in Memphis. Roger and two other employees helped start the company. Thus began a long journey as Roger helped build ASI into one of the largest dedicated avionics repair facilities in North America.

During his early years at ASI he continued his harness work and grew(up) into an avionics technician, testing and troubleshooting aircraft inverters.  The next few years took him from one bench to another until he had worked every major test bench in the avionics shop. During the 1980’s Roger progressed from Radar Section Manager to Director of Technical Services and then Vice President. In 1994, he was promoted to his current position of President/CEO.  Roger Dahler helped and presided over a period of rapid growth and expansion of ASI.  In 1983 ASI moved into their current building and quickly doubled and then tripled the test facilities size and production capability. The staff grew as well, from those original three employees to over 80 today. 

In addition to fulfilling his technical duties at ASI, Roger completed and received his FCC and A & P licenses along with his FAA Repairman Certificate. He also earned his commercial pilot’s license and later became a Certified Flight Instructor.  Enthusiasm for flying led to the purchase his first aircraft, a Cessna 150. This purchase was followed later with the addition of a Cessna 172 and a 182.

Recognizing the challenges facing the future of our industry, Roger has volunteered his services in various aviation organizations.  Most recently, he served on the board of directors at the Tennessee School of Technology, an A & P school based at the Memphis International Airport. He helped direct the school in developing a real world curriculum with emphasis on level 3 troubleshooting and repair.  During his 30 years as a member of the Aircraft Electronics Association, Roger has witnessed the many areas in which the AEA has grown, educated, and nurtured the aviation industry. 

Roger enjoys spending time with his wife of 29 years, Lori Anne, and their 2 children Brittany and Brandon. Some of their favorite activities include flying, boating, and biking together. He also dabbles in hunting, fishing, and farming at their family ranch outside of Memphis. He and his wife enjoy spending time with their first grandchild.

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