Laurie D. Vaughn

Director, IS/IT

Laurie D. Vaughn

Laurie Vaughn began her career in aviation at the young age of 14. In 1973, her father LeRoy Dahler founded Avionics Specialist, Inc. The following year Laurie went to work as a Receptionist & Billing Clerk; working after school and on weekends.

Over the past 42 years, Laurie worked in many areas of the office including, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, Marketing, Advertising, Customer Service, Office Management, Information Technology & Credit.

In the early 1980's Laurie saw the need to automate the daily paperwork functions of the company so she began developing software systems using AppleWorks and Apple IIe computers. In a few short years the company outgrew the Apples and went to PC based computers connected to Compaq Servers. Laurie took courses and began developing websites for ASI. In May of 1998 Laurie became a Certified Novell Engineer and in 2000 she was promoted to Director of Information Systems & Technologies.

In 1994 Laurie joined the International Aviation Credit Group. She served as Chairperson of the group from 2013-2014 and received the prestigious Barbara Vega Leadership Award in 2015.

Today Laurie developes computer applications utilizing the new wireless technologies and Apple iPads freeing technicians and office personnel from the chains of a desktop PC and improving the efficiency of daily operations.

In Her spare time, Laurie enjoys riding Harleys and flipping houses with her husband Dan and spending time with their six children and three grandchildren.

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