Eric L. Dahler

Director of Engineering

Eric L. Dahler

ERIC DAHLER began his career in aviation at the young age of 15. In 1973, his father LeRoy Dahler founded Avionics Specialist, Inc. Eight years later, Eric went to work as a Refurbishing Technician; working after school and on weekends.

In 1985 the company realized a need to manufacture their own line of avionics test equipment. Eric was involved in the start up of ASI's manufacturing activities whereby they manufacture equivalent test systems to support avionics from various OEM's including Rockwell Collins, Honeywell (Bendix/King/RCA/Sperry), Gables and others. This equipment was designed to replace the original test equipment design in form, fit and function which insures that proper test specifications are met.

Eric received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology from the University of Memphis in August of 1990. In March of 2000 Eric earned his FCC license.

In January of 2008 Eric was promoted to Director Engineering.

In his spare time, Eric volunteers with the Germantown Police Department. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, and farming at the family ranch outside of Memphis.

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